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At GHS Loft Flooring, we can help you to free up more space for storage by installing loft flooring at an affordable price. Through the use of loft stilts that are strong and durable, this is perfect for new builds as the raised flooring does NOT invalidate NHBC warranty when installed by one of our expert installers. 

 And not only that, you will receive a free ladder with every supply and installation of loft flooring for your new build home (up to 20 years old). 

Loft Flooring
Loft Ladders
Loft Lighting

We will transform your empty loft into a practical storage space through the installation of strong, high-quality chipboard flooring. A safe and durable storage solution for any loft space.

For an even distribution of light, less shadows, and better visibility, we only install LED lights.

We only install premium quality ladders to ensure easy and safe access to your loft. 

GHS now supply and fit loft insulation.

Insulation has many benefits. It plays a huge part in keeping a consistent temperature in a building all year round - keeping out the heat in Summer and protecting against the cold in Winter. A well-insulated building will require far less heating or cooling, and therefore will be more energy efficient, making it more comfortable and will save you money at the same time.

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